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Sex on the Table with ChefFed

By Alex 27 Oct, 2015

I’m Alex the smart ass, Alex the Foodie, and I welcome you back to ChefFed’s tale of manifest destiny. I introduced you to the man in our last segment as the entrepreneur and culinary savant, but as they say, beauty is only skin deep. Let’s dig deeper into this classic American tale of a Swiss man #OnTheRoad, making his way from coast to coast.  

Although #GoWest tales should require wagons, horses and six shooters, ChefFed’s westering story is a modern one -- one which led to the heart of American music: Nashville, Tennessee.  

ChefFed loved Nashville, from the barbecue to the warm, southern hospitality.   It was his first experience with the intrinsic neighborliness of the American South, an image usually associated with a tall glass of sweet tea and a guy tipping his cowboy hat. Although he’s not well-versed in country music, ChefFed still felt Music City’s pull as an artist. “But I am versatile when it comes to music,” said an eclectic ChefFed, “any tunes can come out of my box.”  

But what did ChefFed do in Nashville, you ask? Its simple really: he called one of his friends who just so happened to own their own little slice of heaven: the Music Loft.

By Alex 20 Oct, 2015
#GoWest with ChefFed and myself, hitting every nook and cranny along the way, (including the Grand Crannyon), between the big apple and the city of angels. ChefFed is #OnTheRoad to Los Angeles -- preparing to make waves in the fastest growing foodie scene. Going cross country has never been so enticing.
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Watching Chef Fed doing something as simple as slicing an “AHnion” 
is kind of erotic the same way watching an NBA player score a two-pointer 
or a violinist execute a solo perfectly is erotic.

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